The last day!

Today’s the last day before I head to Southern California! I´m gonna be gone longer than usual but it´s worth it honestly.  I will try and find a way to blog about my vacation while i´m gone. Everyday i´ll try and post a blog post. Of course when I get back i´m gonna be very busy I should be driving back home by Wednesday, Which is open house and I have no idea if i´ll be able to make it cause it´s like a 8 to 10 hour drive. Then after that I have a band concert for vista prep at our high school. But it´s worth it!



From Saturday the 13 to the 17 I will be leaving for vacation. I will be going back to my old town Victorville Southern California. I was originally raised in Southern California, But when I was 5 I moved here to Red Bluff Northern California, and this is my 6th year here in Nor Cal. It’s gonna be super fun even if the drive is super long, I will be seeing family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ll try to blog more this week before I hit vacation.

Victorville in the 1950’s.

Grit project

In my classroom, we do something called a grit project. A grit project is were you learn something new to you or do something your passionate about. For my grit project i´m going to be doing a hip hop dance routine. I´m highly inspired to do this from a dance group called the jabbawockeez, a World of Dance performer named Fik Shun, and lastly my dad. Wish me luck that I do good on my grit project, because   i´m gonna need a lot of grit.

100wc #3

It was a nice sunny day with dark clouds in the distance, it looked like it was going to rain a remarkable amount later on in the evening. As I was heading home I discovered something is different, very different. As I gingerly opened the sleek, bulky, black door to my house with it’s dark yellow handle I immediately realize something is wrong, my house usually has a ruckus going on inside, however a strange event occurred when I finally opened the door. There was a giant, jade, turtle! Well I guess that happens when your dad’s a mad scientist.  

100 WC #2

It was 1:00 pm on what seemed like it was going to be a ordinary Wednesday. My mother was at work, and my father, and two sisters were out to go get food for dinner later, so that means I was lonesome in my mansion. As I was wandered to my room, outside I heard something that sounded unnatural… I heard a noise SO loud that my heart almost came to a complete stop. As it seems like forever for me to get outside, and when I did, I was so surprised! There was a humongous, floating, violet, unicorn farting cupcakes! Wow I didn’t know they had those here on Mars!   

2017, 100 Word Challenge

It was about mid-day, I was so bored that I decided to invite my friends over. As soon as all of them arrived we decided to play a bunch of different games. Once we finally finished it was about under 8:30 pm, One of my friends had fallen asleep on my couch, so we decided to build a steel portal to his imagination! After a couple hours of hard work, we flipped the switch. The moment I could see again, we were standing in a blank mauve room, all of a sudden, random stuff like carrots showed up, we decided it was time to go. We all got back in the machine we flip the switch, then I realize we can’t get out we made only so we can get back in, I got very tearful!


Our community as Team Pride

Here at Vista I have a community named Team Pride. We are called Team Pride because we stick together, we work hard, we help each other when help is needed, we also laugh together during funny moments, but the main reason is we show pride in everything we do together. We also have a community here as vista we celebrate Rally’s, we have assemble’s together and we practice S.O.A.R together. That is my community as Team Pride, and our Vista prep community. Whats your community?